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Salvus Primary Logo



Salvus is a community-focused primary care clinic in Moncton, NB Canada. When they first approached FARON.DESIGN, they recognized a lack of quality, clarity and consistency in the visual identification of their overall brand. As a result, their goal was to work with a design partner who could help them develop a new brand identity system that would better reflect their commitment to patient-focused care and serving those surviving and experiencing homelessness, poverty, mental illness, and substance use in the community.

The primary challenge was to help Salvus find the right balance between reflecting their core services while also embodying the feeling of hope that they wanted to communicate through their brand.

To begin the process, Faron worked with the Salvus team to strategize over the key aspects of their brand, including their target audiences, desired perceptions, mission and messaging. With this information in hand, they set out to develop a new logo and supporting design assets that would better reflect Salvus's core values and brand positioning.


The result is a modern identity system that utilizes a simple, yet unique shape/colour combination to communicate who they are as an organization to their audiences.

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Faron. He was professional, extremely helpful throughout the process and always delivered on time. His work is phenomenal - we could not have dreamed of a more suitable visual identity for Salvus. We highly recommend him."

- Melissa Baxter, Executive Director, Salvus

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