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Web User Interface Design

MICRO Boutique offers fresh, modern, fully-equipped, furnished apartments and hotel stays throughout the Canadian Maritimes. With a new location coming in 2022, they were looking to level-up their web presence to reflect their line of bold, sleek spaces, to boast the new building’s attractive features to their target audience of post-secondary students.

Working alongside the team at CCGoodwin Consulting, we were encouraged to express creative freedom and to explore design tactics that spoke to the boldness and whimsy of MICRO Boutique’s visual brand. The final concept delivered beyond the client's expectations, taking cues from the company's current visual identity and building-in modern design trends with subtle, yet impactful animated flourishes.

"Faron has been a pleasure to work with. He has an exceptional understanding of the communications and graphic process. A true talent with a collaborative approach."

- Alyson Roberts, CEO, MICRO Boutique

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